About Us

Happy HoodieScarf is the collaborative love child of Thrive On LLC & Tralla Creative

Friends for over 20 years from the same home town; music, art, travel, outdoor experiences, and intense love for friends and family are the foundation of our synergistic duo. 

Jessi, creative visionary, has been dreaming up, creating and crafting fabulous HoodieScarves for years! Desiree, biz operations and marketing, has been buying, wearing, gifting and preaching the awesomeness of HoodieScarves since Jessi started designing them. 

The HoodieScarf has a special place in our hearts.

We flaunt ours at festivals, outdoor experiences, traveling, and together when we feel a little matchy-but-still-unique with friends or family. All-in-all, the HoodieScarf joins us in treasured life experiences and time with people we love.

We hope your HoodieScarf brings you joy!

If you’re loving your HoodieScarf, please share your happy vibes.

Tag us in your favorite “IRL HappyHoodieScarf” pic or vid on Instagram @happyhoodiescarf #happyhoodiescarf #IRL

We can’t wait to see you rockin’ it!


Love Each Other!
The Happy HoodieScarf Team,
Desiree & Jessi