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Soft and warm. Deep natural mineral and jeweled tones in burgundy, burnt orange, hunter green and taupe. Scalloped edging. 

Yarn: 100% Acrylic

Sizing: Adult Small/Child Large

  • Hood: 15" H x 9" D (hood height x depth)
  • Scarf: 5"H x 58" C (cowl height x circumference)

The best way to get a good idea for how your HoodieScarf will fit is to try it on in person! Sizing questions? Hit us up:

  • Classic = Adult
    • Roomy & Cozy
  • Medium = Adult Small or Child Large
    • Petite adult
    • Adult who likes a fitted hoodie
    • Kids ~9+
  • Small = Child Small
    • Kids under 9
    • Little ones still growing

Each HoodieScarf is handmade and may vary slightly within size category (Classic, Medium, Small). Please refer to actual measurements on each listing for more detailed guidance:

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